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Leading from experience

We are trusted to solve some of the toughest, business-critical challenges facing our clients.

Our pragmatic approach is why our clients call us when they need get to the heart of a multifaceted problem, such as navigating the challenges presented by technological innovations that promise digital transformation.

They appreciate our external, independent recommendations on how best to ensure their future success.

How we can help

Global IT strategy

We accurately align IT with your business objectives, then help you move seamlessly from strategy into operations. 

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

We help our clients identify which capabilities they should build and what they should focus on to create a future proof technology roadmap.

Programme Assurance
Programme Assurance

Independent evaluation and recommendations for your programme, from a business and technical perspective. 

Business Transformation
Business Transformation

We translate business intent into effective change; advising on business architecture and transformation management. 

Target Operating Model

We design target operating models that have agility at the core to help you make the most of your technology investments.

Exceptional consultants

When our clients call on us, they know that our consultants are some of the smartest in the industry.

Their focus on pragmatism to solve complex problems is what gets results, and why we have been able to grow consistently over the last 30 years.  

All of our projects involve our senior leaders in some way or another. The example they set and the leadership they provide to the rest of DMW helps foster the skills needed to shape the next generation of elite leaders. 

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Why we succeed:


  • > Our holistic approach involves people, process, technology and organisation

  • > Work well in ‘rainbow’ teams; your people, other suppliers and our experts

  • > We keep at the forefront of technology innovation

  • > We foster a workplace that encourages talent and wellbeing

Our experts

Meet Ray Panditharatna

Financial Services & Insurance Sector Director

Meet Marius Rubin

Chief Technology Officer

Meet Marcus Hall

Business Transformation Principal

Meet Donal Smith

Energy & Commercial Sector Director 

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