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12 ways to make Agile User Experience Design work for you (part 3)

8. Use a Web development framework (like Bootstrap): unless you are trying to create cutting edge UX, why not use something your users are already familiar with, and helps you get your product out there quicker.

9. Design responsively from the outset: plan to develop for desktop, tablet and mobile versions of your application, and consider the workflow a user will need to get their tasks done efficiently on each platform.

10. Stay involved: during App development sprint, answer questions from developers and testers on your User Stories, and clarify with users. Get Users ‘eyes on’ your emerging design as early and often as possible.

11. Conduct usability trials every few sprints, and get user feedback from outside your Design User Group. Try guerrilla usability testing: go to a coffee shop and offer to buy a coffee if someone they will give you feedback on your website or App.  As long as they fit within one of your Persona, you will get quick and cost effective feedback within 15 minutes.

12. Prototype early and release regularly: users with hands on your product to use day to day will give you new insights.


Remember: keep up the enthusiasm; stay positive; keep things moving forwards; keep talking to your users and always hide your frustrations from your users, developers and testers!

This article was written in partnership with Alastair Prickett, one of DMW’s leading UX specialists.