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12 ways to make Agile User Experience Design work for you (part 2)

4. Remember that users tend to only think one step ahead of what they currently use. If you want your new product to be 3 steps ahead, you will have to guide them on this journey.

5. Create a Design User Group with a few representative users who can give you honest feedback on your wireframes. Take your lead UX developer with you when you are talking to your users.  You can make real progress talking to your Design User Group for an hour every 2 weeks – that’s only an investment of 30 minutes a week per user.

6. Do not block developer access to users: sometimes business analysts hog the limelight, and capture and often translate user requirements for the developers. However doing this can create Chinese whispers. It is critical that your UX developers are talking directly to your users.

7. Be careful using clickable prototypes: if your UX specialists creates a prototype using a specialist tool, your UX developers will probably have to re-code it once its been agreed. Better to get your UX developer to code up your prototype in HTML and re-use this code when you have got it right.

Next time, we will continue our bite size recommendations on how to make Agile User Experience Design work for you.

This article was written in partnership with Alastair Prickett, one of DMW’s leading UX specialists.