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12 ways to make Agile User Experience Design work for you (part 1)

Relentless sprints can make Agile software development feel like hard work – it can feel like you are sprinting a marathon.  But because you are constantly producing deliverable software, and hopefully getting positive user feedback, it also feels worthwhile.

User Experience (UX) design, with constant engagement with user communities can be hard work too.  But what’s is really tricky is coordinating UX design within the sprint cycles of Agile.

Here are the first of our insights into how to make Agile UX design work for you:

  1. Develop User Persona: understand the breadth and technical capability of your target users, as well as what they are trying to achieve and what frustrates them.
  2. Use User Stories (and a tool like JIRA) to effectively communicate between the UX team, business analysts, developers and testers, with everyone using the same language.
  3. Develop your UX wireframes one or two sprint before the UX development sprint(s). Be confident and develop concepts to review with your users.  It doesn’t have to be the right answer, just enough to start the discussion with your users, rather than presenting them with a blank piece of paper, which is really hard for everyone.

Next time, we will continue our bite size recommendations on how to make Agile User Experience Design work for you.

This article was written in partnership with Alastair Prickett, one of DMW’s leading UX specialists.